PT Dhasnarindo Karya Utama

DKU strive to provide a consistently high quality service to our Clients. Our Philosophy values are SMART, FAIRNESS and TRUST. These values enable us to build long lasting and effective relationships. We work in teams sharing experience and knowledge to ensure the benefit of this broader expertise is passes on to our Client. Our specialist Consultant have highly experienced to place the most suitable candidate and they know the Industries very well and our Client’s needs. This is our expertise. Every Candidate we submit has been assessed to fully understand their career objectives and to get the best work force in accordance with the needs of the company.


The best and reliable partner for the company in fulfilling the need of qualified human resources, to achieve optimization in improving productivity and work efficiency.


Business partners who understand the needs of client companies and synergize to make the client company grow and develop. And Improve the quality of human resources in Indonesia in accordance with global competence.